Friday, June 15, 2007

Week 2- 3 Comparing Photobucket to Flickr Things 5-7

I wish Flickr had the url underneath photo like Photobucket does. I forgot I needed to get url of picture not webpage, and this upload kept failing

I like Flickr's map feature. Just off top of head,I can see this could be a fun activity for students reading books set in different countries. Can map be set to private?

I already use Flickr Fastr tag game at with my students.

I do worry a bit about community and privacy with all this photo sharing. What is appropriate to share? If I tag that picture above as Vatican museum, will it be found by a Flickr user and posted somewhere I would rather not have it? Will Flickr destroy privacy and community a bit like I feel the cellphone does?


Liz said...

Congratulations on your uses of Flickr. I find it difficult but you obviously already have it figured out!

Joan Tracy said...

I wouldn't sya I have it figured out!:) I do know how to use photobucket, though, and really like the the feature that tell you the url. With Flickr, to repost your image I needed to right click on image and then scroll down to properties and then get url. Does anyone know an easier way?