Monday, June 25, 2007

Week 6: Thing 14 Technorati

I have been using Technorati as a search tool for about a year now. I prefer it over Google's blog search, and I have had good luck with it. Lately though, it seems like results are getting hijacked or front-ended or something. I do not know what to call it but I often get results that just seem to be collections of words that then lead to a front-end site of no use whatsoever. Does this happen to others?

Above is a screen shot from one such search I did earlier today. I am interested in what the blogs are saying about Livermore Valley Charter School. I did an advanced search with those terms and got the results above . The only non 'hijacking' result is not until the 10th post.

This is happening to me more often than not lately on Technorati and on Google Blog Search.
Actually, maybe can serve me here?

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