Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blogger v Wordpress

A while back I mentioned I was comparing Blogger to Edublogs Wordpress product. The hardest thing about blogging is having something to say! If you have something to say, either product will do well.
Blogger seemed a bit easier to get started, although that may have been because I already knew how to start up a blog! I knew what a dashboard does, etc...
Both have similar toolbars. It took me a long time to realize it, but both have spellchecks in their toolbars ( that ABC checkmark). Both have tabbed modes between visual and edit html. I like that because I know a little html and can sometimes tweak things as necessary. Edublogs has a icon for embedding flash and video into your post, which Blogger doesn't.
I like Edublogs template selection more. But I really like the versatility of Blogger's Page Elements, and the movement there.
Edublogs uses categories, Blogger uses labels to organize posts.
Right now I would vote for Blogger because of the poll feature just added in Page elements. That is great.
But both work well. Now if someone could show me 2.0 site that will process my thoughts for me !


kangaLMT2 said...

Thanks for letting me know about this post. I completely concur with your assessments of blogger and wordpress. At this point, I too prefer blogger for the ease of layout and post editing.

When I first thought about blogging I, too, wondered what I would write about. What I have discovered is that if there is a legitimate audience out there, writing is not difficult at all. For me this, so far, has been like a professional journal that I can read every day!

P.S. I voted in your poll! I can see that being lots of fun for students.

booklady said...

Voted in the poll. Thanks for the invite!

Anonymous said...

I love the online poll! And I voted for Draco. I think that is just wishful thinking! I am reading the Harry Potter books aloud to my 6 year old daughter and she is becoming obsessed...I love it! We're about a quarter of the way into the fourth, hoping to finish the fifth before the movie comes out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, where did you get the poll?

School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

LOVE the poll!
Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes.
- Jackie