Thursday, June 28, 2007

Week 8: Online Applications & Tools Thing 18

I have never used Zoho, but have an account on Googledocs. As a school librarian, I have been an advocate of online word-processors just for logistics! Printer problems, forgotten attachments all are a thing of the past and doing group projects with online document generators allows all easy access without waiting for the student who is late emailing...

Hmm I posted this via Zoho. Very very easy.

I read somewhere where 2.0 was taking back the web from the tech guardians. I think this is a good description of 2.0. Too bad I don't know my source!


booklady said...

A previous post of yours helped me figure out how to upload a picture from Flickr. Like you I was putting in the URL of the webpage rather than the pic. Your comments helped me figure it out. Many Thanks, Debbie

School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

WOW! You are flying through School Library Learning 2.0 -- hope you are enjoying it!

Take your time and have loads of fun. Best wishes.
- Jackie

Generator Guy said...

The link to zoho is mistyped.

More Web 2.0 tools.