Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ning a success and Zoho presentations

Either my extended family is humoring me a great deal, or our family NING is a success. It is a great way to share pictures, news, comments, information. The younger members are naturals at this, and the older members like the novelty. I am thankful to CSLA for showing me this. I have gone a little crazy with image generators on my posts!

I have been experimenting with Zoho shows as a way to present tutorials on my library webpage. Zoho looks better and better to me. I like their wiki, too.

I plan on continuing this blog as a way to organize my thoughts and remember ideas. I signed up for a SIRSI Dynix webinar on Library 2.0 http://www.sirsidynixinstitute.com/future.php

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arvind said...

Joan, Thanks for using Zoho and glad that you like Zoho Show & Zoho Wiki! Do try the other Zoho apps as well.