Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Week 9 Thing 20 Youtube

Here is my choice of video - one from my hometown. This captures an essence of Butte so well.
Mysterious Unicylist in Butte Montana Taunts Death
From: ledgeman

How do I feel about youtube? A teaching tool, a bit voyeuristic, a time waster, silly, interesting, promising, etc... I have mixed feelings, as I am sure many do. There are lots of uses- capture the culture of a place as this video does,performances of Shakespeare, showing MLK and Malcolm X in a civil rights discussion, show other historical events, great science displays, wonderful creative art. Like everything else, the biggest challenge is to evaluate these videos and pick and choose the useful ones. For this "thing" I was searching for some science related videos, and did a search with mitosis as term. I came across a very clever synchronized swimming display of mitosis. But then as I read though comments, a viewer was disputing if what was shown was mitosis or meiosis. I didn't look further into accuracy, but here too the mantra is "verify,verify".


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Strange video, but had to watch it to the end... Yes, YouTube and TeacherTube and others are interesting. We do need people to select good from all the offerings.

What would you like to see produced to support your library program or a library activity? What music would go with it? Humm.

Joan Tracy said...

I don't see myself using youtube as a marketing tool for my library, because that is not my skill set. But I would love someone else :) to make the video and choose the music! I do see it as is an enhancement for many lessons, and another source of information,

bibliofan said...

This YouTube brought to mind Pete Hautman's book, "Godless".
I have enjoyed reading your blog. You also have many good ideas,& thoughts expressed well.

bibliofan said...

This YouTube reminded me of Pete Hautman's book, "Godless".

I have enjoyed reading your blog. You also have some great ideas that you express very well.

Susan said...

hey...that's Trent!!!