Thursday, July 5, 2007

WEEK 9 Thing 21 Podcasts

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I have a 45 minute commute to and from work and I plug my iPod
into a device that allows my car radio to "broadcast" and enjoy the drive. Also, podcasts keep me exercising a little bit longer, as I usually want to hear the whole podcast and so will stay on my bike a little longer.

NPR offers lots of free podcasts. My favorites are This American Life and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Now I never miss an episode. I use iTunes to subscribe to them by pulling down the advanced menu on the iTunes toolbar, clicking on subscribe and then pasting in the url of the podcast.

I also subscribe to SirsiDynix podcasts, which seem to come along every 3-4 weeks. These are podcasts of their web seminars and I almost always find them valuable for my library life.

I like Yahoo's podcast directory, and like to look at the highly rated and most popular picks now and then. I also was glad to learn of Podcast Alley. I have found most of my podcasts through word of mouth, though.

These are podcasts I use for my own entertainment and education. I have not really thought of podcasts as a reference and research tool I could present to library patrons and students. That is an interesting idea. In that case the ratings and recommendation aspects of the podcast directories would take on new meaning.

I have thought about podcasting myself for various classes, but I haven't gone there yet. I use iTunes at school to subscribe to a few video podcasts fron CNN , NBC and CBS. ( I didn't get around to ABC). Then, if someone needs a newsclip from yesterday's or last weeks news, I can usually retrieve it without effort. This idea came to me when students doing a media bias report that required watching news shows on a regular basis missed a day or two.

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Library Learner Liz said...

Don't you love those npr podcasts? I too listen to them when I exercise or walk. You might enjoy NPR News and Notes which tells about news from the African American perspective.