Monday, July 2, 2007

Week 8: Thing 19 Library Thing

Library Thing is another tool I learned about (indirectly) from the CSLA conference ( a coworker saw it and showed it to me.) We started using it right away as a way to present reading lists for various classes. The students , not surprisingly, responded to the visual aspect of the covers, but were not so enthralled with the social aspect as I was. That may be because I was really happy with it and it was hard to beat my enthusiasm. My problem was keeping track of the various lists. I created accounts for various teachers, but those was somewhat of a pain to remember. This year I think am going to tag the books by teacher name and then have students search. My reluctance to use tags otherwise extends to Library Thing. It is my inconsistency issue again. Yet, here I like reading the tags and even searching by tags suggested by tagged books.

Later in the school year I saw Moreau School's Library using Library Thing to highlight new books. I thought that was a great idea and plan on doing the same thing at my school. This seems like another way to market books.

I wonder if this random book script I cut and pasted from Library thing under the tools tab can be used on wikis? Maybe I would add that to all the wikis I create at school as a bit of advertising at the end. Sort of a reminder to relax and read when you are done. Hmm. Or I could put in books that extend the lesson. .
Yes. It worked on my longsuffering extinct wiki although it took the other goodies out again. I will have to fool with order on source scripts there.

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